Goals Based Advice Tools

To assist our members deliver best in class solutions around goals based advice and investing, we have provided a number of tools to help bring all of the component parts together. As we see it, ‘bringing it all together’ is about delivering goals based advice, portfolio construction and product selection, investment implementation, client communication and governance. All components work in support of each other in delivering the best possible outcomes for your clients.

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To assist advisers in delivering goals based advice, we offer the following tools,

  1. Statement of Advice (SOA) templates
  2. Networking events where advisers discuss how best to think about advice in a goals based world
  3. Financial modelling tools to assist with breaking the link with standardised risk profiling

Investment Implementation

One of AGBA key goals is to help advisers implement their investment ideas, so that their clients have a higher degree of confidence that their investment portfolios will assist in meeting their goals. As such, we are working with a number of different managed account platforms to assist adviser transition away (but only if it makes sense) to a new way of.

Recognising that many advisers already have platform arrangements in place, this service is only for advisers who are looking for ways to better implement their client portfolios.
To assist advisers in implementing a goals based investment portfolio for their clients, we offer the following tools

  1. Introduce you to our managed account providers to see if they can assist with your portfolio needs
  2. Help work with your current provider to see if they can help you

Client Communication

A key aspect of goals based advice is linking the advice to the performance of each goals based portfolio. The traditional approach to advice and investing typically looks at an investment result in isolation of a goal, whereas, goals based advice and investing offers a tight link between the two. For example, the client communications moves to conversations around whether the performance of the various portfolios are on track to deliver on the goals a client might have. Importantly, this stops investors looking at markets, and gets them focused on the goals and the risks within each portfolio to achieve them. This is very different to risk profiling and far more engaging.

AGBA is currently building a number of tools and look forward to bringing these to members shortly.


As with all advice, AGBA believes that advice and portfolio governance is critical to ensure that our adviser maintain the higest standards of advice in the industry.

AGBA is currently building a number of tools and look forward to bringing these to members shortly.

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