Managed accounts ideal for goals-based shift

Financial Observer's Sarah Kendell, on the back of our 2017 annual conference writes, "Managed accounts were an ideal vehicle for advice practices considering a shift towards a more goals-based approach as they allowed advisers to outsource the technical and administrative aspects of a client’s portfolio and focus on relationship building, according to Affinity Wealth Services.

Addressing the Association of Goals Based Advice 2017 Conference in Sydney yesterday, Affinity senior partner and adviser Keith Jones said his firm’s use of a managed discretionary account (MDA) structure allowed client asset allocation to be centrally managed while advisers spent the vast majority of their time in front of clients to understand their goals."

Kendell continues, referencing discussions and presentations by both Keith Jones (Affinity Wealth Services) and Toby Potter (IMAP). To read the full article, click here.

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