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Goals Based Advice - White Paper from Advice Intelligence (ai)

November 2 2018, Advice Intelligence

Goals based advice may be a new phrase for some, but it addresses an issue that’s been around for a long time – namely, connecting...

The case for Goals Based investing

September 7 2018, Lockwood Advisers

There are many methods of building an investment strategy designed to meet an investor’s future needs.

Setting a Foundation: Goals-Based Investment and Wealth Planning

July 4 2018, Gordon B. Fowler, JR

Goals-based investment and wealth planning is the foundation for successful personal wealth management.
Investment and wealth plans should reflect an investor’s goals and objectives and define...

Applying Goal-Based Investing Principles to the Retirement Problem

July 4 2018, EDHEC-Risk Institute

A major global pension crisis is threatening the two main pillars of pension systems, due to a combination of increasing demographic imbalances and decreasing economic...

BMO Pyrford - ESG Profile and Impact Report 2017

May 18 2018, BMO Pyrford

Our Responsible Global Equity Strategy is centred on sustainable companies that are proactively and effectively managing their environmental, social and governance (ESG) opportunities and risks...

BMO Pyrford - ESG Profile and Impact Report 2018

May 18 2018, BMO Pyrford

2018 marks the 20-year anniversary of our Responsible Global Equity Strategy. Based on the expertise of our specialist fund managers and team of environmental, social...

Mapping Fintech to the Financial Planning Process

March 23 2018

This report is the first in a series of fintech-related projects the Financial Planning Association of Australia (FPA) will be undertaking over the coming year....

bFinance Alternative Beta

March 7 2018

In this paper leading independent research firm, bFinance, examine ‘alternative beta’, a further extension of beta investing into the realm of alternatives.

Risk Premium Investing - A Tale of Two Tails

March 7 2018

In this note CFM introduce Risk Premia as generically encompassing a set of strategies where investors are compensated for assuming risk. This compensation comes in...

Winston Capital Guide to Alternative Beta - Improving Portfolio Outcomes

March 7 2018

Advisers have long known what traditional beta is when it comes to equities, bonds and credit, and that is, the return generated by being exposed...

Deconstructing the Lo-Vol Anomaly

March 7 2018

We study several aspects of the so-called low-vol and low-β anomalies. CFM's most significant message is that the low-vol anomaly is the result of two...

The Excess Returns of "Quality" Stocks: A Behavioural Anomaly

March 7 2018

This note investigates the causes of the quality anomaly, which is one of the strongest and most scalable anomalies in equity markets. CFM explore two...

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