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Are you a financial adviser who provides goals-based advice or would like to find out more about it?

Whether you've already started on the path and are looking for support and ideas to be more efficient or would like to understand how best to help deliver to your clients goals, AGBA can be a fantastic resource for you and your team by helping deliver practical insights to implement what needs to be done and to bring it all together.

Key Benefits of Joining


Network with your peers in an open and conversational environment to learn what others are doing and what may benefit you or your business

Discounted services

Access to a discounted services, such as the FE Analytics subscription which can help you actively monitor the performance of your goals based portfolios in real-time

Learn from the best

Learn from best of breed fund managers, asset consultants, administrators and other industry participants

Exclusive research and tools

Get access to reference material, research, practical tools and support to help support your clients.

Research Faculty

Access to our internal research faculty who provide an independent view of the products being showcased - often these products are not covered by the mainstream research houses

Further your Development

Attend various workshops and access thought leadership pieces that will further your professional development

Lead from the Front

Take a leadership position and participate in the development of the industry

Hear what our adviser members say

Sarah Abood

When we started our journey of moving to goals based advice (back in 2011) there was really very little support out there! Everyone was talking about it, but when it came right down to reality, we found very few firms were actually implementing this approach fully in advice to clients.

We were so happy to find AGBA, we joined very soon after the association launched (when still called ARRIA). The chance to discuss real-world issues with other like-minded advisers, as well as the support from providers who really 'get' what we are doing, has been so valuable for our firm. We come along to as many events as we can, and always go away with useful ideas we can implement in our practice.

Fergus Hardingham

An adviser's role is to give greater certainty to the achievement of their client’s objectives.   We don’t believe that certainty will be achieved by building for clients portfolios that only perform when markets are rising and will guarantee their clients losses when markets fall.   We changed our approach to building portfolios after the GFC as we believe the ‘old way’ of portfolio construction, relying solely on long only investment approaches with equity dominated portfolios failed clients.  Being part of ARRIA (AGBA) has helped our firm to learn from other advisers, as well as help other advisers to implement a Goals Based investment approach within their businesses, that changes the focus from returns with little regard to RISK to how to best achieve their client’s objectives with as much certainty, and therefore as little RISK as possible.

Matthew Walker

At WLM Financial we believe goal based advice and investment solutions provide the best solutions for our clients, and from the feedback we receive, so do they. AGBA helps provide useful content to support a goals based advice approach as well as opportunities to meet and discuss practical business ideas and solutions with industry thought leaders. People that want to, and can, make a difference. As an association that’s run “by advisers for advisers” it’s great to have an agenda that goes to issues that are useful to our business on a day-to-day basis.

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