Folkestone is an ASX listed (ASX:FLK) real estate funds manager and developer providing real estate wealth solutions. Our investment philosophy is guided by the fundamental view that real estate is a separate asset class with its own distinct performance characteristics and risks and that future cashflow, not trophy status, drives the value of an asset. In addition, the various real estate sub-sectors, such as commercial, retail, industrial, residential and hotels have different performance characteristics and risks.

We offer a range of funds for investors depending on their risk and return profile and their liquidity needs. For investors looking for income with liquidity we manage the ASX listed Folkestone Education Trust (ASX: FET) which is Australia’s largest owner of child care real estate assets and we manage the Folkestone Maxim A-REIT Securities Funds which is a high conviction manager investing in a portfolio of A-REITs and real estate development and management companies listed on the ASX. For investors who are not focused on liquidity we offer unlisted real estate funds for investors focused on income generation from quality non-residential real estate and for investors focused on higher risk and return we offer real estate development funds. Folkestone has approximately $1 billion in funds under management.

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