Centuria Capital

Centuria Capital (CNI) is an ASX-listed specialist investment manager with approximately $1.9 billion in funds under management and a 35 year track-record of delivering value for investors, advisers and shareholders. Our business has two divisions: Centuria Investment Bonds and Centuria Property Funds. Centuria Investment Bonds offer a range of unit-linked investment bonds that provides investors with tax-effective investment solutions for their clients’ portfolios.

Centuria Investment Bonds offer a tax-effective investment structure that may suit a variety of personal circumstances, financial goals and risk/return profiles.   Investment Bonds operate within a specific taxation structure. Tax on earnings and growth is paid within the plan and no personal tax is payable upon withdrawal if the investment is held for more than 10 years. Funds can be invested as a lump sum or by regular contributions (or both, subject to certain restrictions) and investment earnings are automatically reinvested to generate the potential for compounding returns. Full information on the tax treatment and other details can be found in the Centuria Investment Bond PDS.

We are dedicated to creating products and services to meet the needs of investors and advisors. Our Investment Bonds team has significant experience in the financial services industry and we will work with you to generate value for your clients and your business.

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