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Long Only Smart Beta & Equity Market Neutral Alternative Beta

March 7 2018

"Smart Beta" and "Alternative Beta" strategies provide investors with similar solutions. However, in spite of the obvious commonalities, the two actually differ in many respects,...

Allocating Alternative Beta to Traditional Benchmark Strategies

March 7 2018

The CFM alternative beta program is designed to be a robust diversifier to portfolios based on traditional asset mixes and is a reflection of the...

CTAs In A Regime of Rising Rates

March 7 2018

The advent of the Federal Reserve’s recent interest rate “lift-off” and the future unwinding of other developed market central banks’ ultra-loose monetary policies prompts the...

Trend Following: A Persistent Market Anomaly

March 7 2018

In this note CFM present a study of trend following using two centuries of data. CFM find that trend following is a persistent market anomaly...

The Convexity of Trend Following

March 7 2018

Much has been made recently of crisis alpha or crisis risk offset. And, in particular, of using trend following as a hedge of future downside...

Your fund manager doesn’t have to be perfect – ‘exceptional’ will do !

March 1 2018, Allan Gray

It is not easy being a financial adviser. If you agree that it is worth pursuing better-than-average investment outcomes, remember that perfection may be an...

Goals based advice for client based outcomes

February 2 2018, BMO Global Asset Management

2017 Conference Highlights

December 18 2017

A special thank you to our conference sponsors No More Practice Education for providing the amazing footage recapping our highly successful, inaugural conference.

Goals-based planning - A personalized service for strengthening client relationships

December 4 2017, EY

Since the global financial crisis and ensuing recession, the desires — and fears — of investors have changed dramatically. Investors seem less confident and more...

Revisiting the Asset Allocation Challenge Through a Behavioral Finance Lens

December 4 2017, Jean Brunel, CFA

Asset allocation decisions are important, but many investors find the process difficult to understand because it forces them into using a limited framework instead of...

MLC Investment insight - Keeping it ‘real’ in retirement planning: why returns above inflation matter

December 4 2017, Brian Parker CFA

Inflation is currently at very low levels in many countries, so it’s easy to be
complacent about it. But inflation is always a potential threat, and...

Aligning products and investments to investor goals

December 4 2017, EY

Product allocation is a financial planning method that advisors can
use to help investors find the most favorable mix of investment,
annuity and insurance products to meet...

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