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Innova Asset Management: Portfolio Insights May 2018

July 4 2018

Focus on total return, not dividends, even in bear markets.
Blue-chip dividends are stable, tax-effective, and Australia’s rank among the highest in the world – but...

Innova Asset Management: Portfolio Insights April 2018

July 4 2018, Innova Asset Management

Loss aversion is one of the strongest behavioural biases, causing professional golfers to miss putts and investors to make bad decisions. Dan Miles looks for...

Goals-based Investing: Integrating Traditional and Behavioral Finance

July 4 2018, Dan Nevins

This article examines opportunities to improve wealth management for individual investors by combining traditional investment methodology based on modern portfolio theory with the observations of...

Setting a Foundation: Goals-Based Investment and Wealth Planning

July 4 2018, Gordon B. Fowler, JR

Goals-based investment and wealth planning is the foundation for successful personal wealth management.
Investment and wealth plans should reflect an investor’s goals and objectives and define...

Industry Associates Engagement Model Recommendations

July 4 2018, Association of Goals Based Advice

The aim of this report is to assist the Board and management in two areas:

1. Provide recommendations in relation to the value proposition...

Applying Goal-Based Investing Principles to the Retirement Problem

July 4 2018, EDHEC-Risk Institute

A major global pension crisis is threatening the two main pillars of pension systems, due to a combination of increasing demographic imbalances and decreasing economic...

What is Objective-Based Investing?

June 6 2018

Objective-Based Investing (OBI for short) is an investment approach that seeks to align investments and portfolios with the client’s specific needs and objectives. The...

CE Accreditation Statement – AGBA Conference 2017

June 6 2018

The AGBA Conference (8-9 November 2017) has been assessed and accredited by Portfolio Construction Forum for a maximum of 9.00 CE hours.

Bucking the Amazon Trend, with Dollar General

May 30 2018, Pengana Capital

Dollar General has 14,000 stores America wide. By comparison, Walmart and Target operate 5,352 and 1,828 respectively. The majority of Dollar General’s customers live within...

Going Global! Pengana Capital's Stephen Glass talks to Sky Business

May 30 2018, Pengana Capital

Steven Glass, Head of Research & Portfolio Manager at Pengana international equities talks to Sky Business about reducing exposure to tech, finding value in Europe...

BMO Pyrford - ESG Profile and Impact Report 2018

May 18 2018, BMO Pyrford

2018 marks the 20-year anniversary of our Responsible Global Equity Strategy. Based on the expertise of our specialist fund managers and team of environmental, social...

BMO Pyrford - ESG Profile and Impact Report 2017

May 18 2018, BMO Pyrford

Our Responsible Global Equity Strategy is centred on sustainable companies that are proactively and effectively managing their environmental, social and governance (ESG) opportunities and risks...

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