Become a Member – Industry Associates

Are you are involved in the financial services industry and believe you can work with advisers to better implement goals based advice? Are you a fund manager, admin/platform service, research house, asset consultant, data analytics provider, marketing guru or the provider of any other services that can improve the financial services industry?

By joining AGBA you have the opportunity to make a difference, to showcase your tools and products to leading advisory groups, network with peers and support the development of the financial advisory industry in Australia.

Key benefits of joining

  1. Attendance at networking events to discuss your capabilities with leading financial advisers
  2. Opportunities to present at or host AGBA events throughout Australia.
  3. To help demonstrate your points of difference by taking a leadership position in shaping the advisory industry's future
  4. Build exposure through the AGBA website with a description of your firm, your products and key contact information
  5. Publish your thought leadership pieces on goals based advice or investing to AGBA members and on the website
  6. Work with AGBA members to develop your offerings to enhance market acceptance

Want to chat first?

Please email us with your contact details, and we will call you soon to discuss your membership