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AGBA offers two types of membership for Financial Advisors or Industry Associates.

You can become a member by completing the application form below.

The annual membership fee is $500 (+GST) for Financial Advisors and $5,000 (+GST) for Industry Associates. AGBA offers special bundle discounts for those wishing to purchase more than one Practitioner membership. Please contact us for more information.

If you can’t complete the form below or for enquires please contact us on 1300 002 422 or

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I / We hereby apply to become a Member of the Association of Goals Based Advice (AGBA). I / We confirm that I / we are representative of and eligible for the membership category for which I / we have applied. I /We agree to provide any relevant information required by AGBA to support this application and declare all information supplied in this application is true and correct.

Once admitted to membership, I / we agree to pay all membership fees within 14 days and that I / we will be invoiced annually for renewal of membership fees, unless advised otherwise. I/ We understand that membership is only for a period of 12 months and will cease if the fees are not received by the due date.